About buying the game

Q: Can you post overseas?

A: I am very happy to post overseas and can give you specific costs for a particular country and location if it is not already included on my secure site.

Q: Are there any stores where I can buy Jane Austen Sweethearts?

A: Currently there are some independent stores in Adelaide, Australia, where you can buy 'Jane Austen's Sweethearts'. They are listed on the stockists section of the How to Buy page.

As it becomes available in more places I will list them on this site also. If you know of any places that may like to stock this game please let me know.

About playing the game

Q: How many people can play the game at the same time?

A: The important factor is whether all players are able to see which card is being thrown out on to the discard pile, and whether they can see the cards out in front of each player as they are put down.  You can have as many players as will fit around your table and be able to fulfill these requirements.

Q: What do you do if someone matches a pair incorrectly in the Advanced game?

A: We all have lapses of concentration.  When we were doing the trials I made a mistake myself,  putting together two characters who came from different books! You can imagine the teasing from my friends who spotted the error.

If it happens during your game and is noticed immediately, then the player should take back the cards and make a different play.

If it is noticed later or at the end of the game, then that pair would be invalid and the cards would count as unused cards, so scoring zero points.



…when she considered how peculiarly unlucky poor Mr Elton was in being in the same room at once with the woman he had just married, and the woman he had wanted to marry, and the woman whom he had been expected to marry, she must allow him to have the right to look as little wise, and to be as much affectedly, and as little really easy as could be.
— Emma