Promise and Promiscuity

Currently playing at the Adelaide Fringe, Penny Ashton is a delight in her new play Promise and Promiscuity, an Austenesque romp with many characters and a story of romance and true love for the heroine Elspeth. A clever script, completely written by Penny, includes singing and dancing and a tune on the ukulele.  Even if you weren’t a Janeite you would have enjoyed this performance.

Penny was so clever at portraying a range of characters through her voice and actions, switching between them quickly and smoothly, leaving the audience with no doubt who they were, either male or female, with their distinctive personality traits. Contemporary characters were added to the mix with my favourites being Mr William Joel, The Pianoforte Man, and Miss Kimbeline Kardashian, the teacher of etiquette.  Of course, all ended happily in this wonderful performance.

Even more enjoyment was to follow as Penny joined our local Jane Austen group on Saturday, entertaining us with stories of her travels and career highlights.  She says she loves to make contact with Jane Austen groups wherever she goes. If Penny’s show comes to a theatre near you, don’t miss it as her energetic, funny play is thoroughly enjoyable.